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Christmas Ornaments

Christmas in English

with Ronan and Shereen

 December 18th 

Christmas activities designed to challenge your
listening skills, increase your vocabulary and get you speaking! 

Here's does it work? 🤩

  • On December 14th, you'll receive your booklet of materials so you can start your four days of English practice activities.

  • Work with the audio files, transcripts, and exercises to prepare for the speaking class & Christmas party! 🎄

  • On Saturday, December 18th, join a live Christmas party on zoom where you will participate in games and speaking activities. It's your opportunity to practice what you've learned.

You'll LOVE this challenge if you...

  • are excited to listen to different accents (Ronan is Irish and Shereen is American).

  • would love to learn more about Christmas traditions all over the world by communicating in English (you don't have to celebrate Christmas to enjoy it!)

  • want to learn new vocabulary and practice using it in context

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What's included?

  • Full podcast transcript

  • Full podcast keyword list

  • Christmas language workbook including four listening activities designed by professional teachers, questions to prepare you for our zoom meeting, listening quizzes, Christmas quizzes, and Christmas idioms and expressions

  • Access to the zoom party on December 18th where you will get to participate in activities.

Meet your coaches!
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Ronan is an English teacher from Ireland. He loves creating language learning materials and teaching English. When Ronan is not teaching English you can find him sitting by a lake in the mountains sipping coffee thinking how to take over the world.



Helping learners discover their clear, confident English is Shereen's passion. She's been doing that for over 13 years!

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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